Glasgow Made

Paulin Watches

Three sisters inspired by the works of their great granfather decided to design and produce high quality watches. After two years of development, production started in 2014. The materials and components are sourced from all around the world, but they have a strong focus on British manufacturers.

Linn Products

In 1973, Ivor Tiefenbrun had a vision: to create the best sound systems possible. In over 4 decades Linn Products have evolved and now they can handle anything, from records to music stored in the cloud. Combining design, engineering and craftmanship, these products are sought by music lovers around the world.


Founded by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham in 2014, Instrmnt is a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating industrial-led products with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and attainabiliby above all else.

Their first product, Instrmnt 01, was a minimalist steel watch. The layout - unassembled with tools provided for the customer to build their own watch - has quickly become an iconic part of the brand. Other products include bikes, clocks and umbrellas.

Marion Made Jewellery

Minimal and elegant jewellery are the main selling points for Marion Made Jewellery. With versatily pieces that transition from day to night and classic designs that will always make them current, this graduate from the School of Art offers pieces for everybody and for every occassion.


Trakke have been making bags in Scotland since 2010. Their products are not only wearable but lasting. Each bag is handmade by a team of artisans and they only use high quality British materials. Creating 100% vegan bags and using some natural biodegradeable alternatives to synthetic polyester and nylon fabrics, the bags are made to last a lifetime.


With a mission to transform the way people interact with sound, technology and each other, RHA don't operate within conventional boundaries. RHA creates audio products which combine elegant, functional design and intuitive features.

Timorous Beasties

For detailed and dramatic, Timorous Beasties on Great Western Road stock their range of wallpapers, cushions and ceramics, including a Glasgow toile. The brainchild of Glasgow School of Art graduates Paul Simmons and Alistair McAuley, Timorous Beasties redesigns classic patterns, producing prints in which nature, art and society are visually inextricable.


For fresh floral prints that are joyful in colour, Bluebellgray on Hyndland Road has locally designed and made cushions, curtains and throws. Bluebellgray was founded in Glasgow in 2009 by Fi Douglas and has expanded its range of products to include bedding, fabrics, tableware and wallpaper to name a few. Fi still handpaints all the watercolour designs in her city studio.

Bonnie Bling

Graphic designer Mhairi Mackenzie created Bonnie Bling with a thought in mind: to mix old and new Scottish elements and create colourful and bold acrylic jewellery.

Every single design has been designed, lasered and produced in Glasgow.

Taking inspiration from Scottish slang, Highland heritage and island life, their jewellery and cards will add some Scottishness to all places.

Food & Drink

Bare Bones Chocolate

This bean to bar chocolate company based in the Southside of Glasgow is the creation of Lara and Cameron, two chocolate enthusiasts who wanted to create a better brand of chocolate. Not only do they take care of the producers they buy from, they roast the beans in a modified coffee roaster, grind, temper, mould and wrap the chocolate taking the greatest care in each step.


WEST is the only UK Brewery to craft all ofits artisan lagers and ales in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516. They only use water, malt, hops and yeast, making it a treat to any beer purist. Their ethos: "Glaswegian Heart, German Head" can be found in everything they do, blending German principles with Glaswegian spirit. Housed in the iconic Templeton building in Glasgow's biggest park, WEST offers a beer garden to enjoy a beer during those sunny days.

Rapscallion Soda

Rapscallion's motto is simple: make the best tasting drinks possible, without any artificial elements. With that idea in mind they started producing their sodas back in 2016. During the years they have learnt and improved but their aim is still the same: to create real flavour from the best ingredients without damaging the planet.


For over 300 years Glasgow didn't have a rum distillery. This all changed in 2018 when Wester started fermenting, distilling and bottling their own rum. Using natural ingredients that are then infused into the rum, it can be enjoyed with just ice or in a coktail.


Thomson's Coffee

A true Glaswegian institution, Thomson's Coffee was born in 1841 when the first shop opened in the city centre. Nowadays the brand is owned by a different family, however the spirit remains the same: quality and integrity are at the heart of everything they do. Using the traditional flame-roasting method which adds depth of flavour and character, all their coffee is hand-prepared by their Master Roaster.

Dear Green Coffee

Since 2011 Dear Green Coffee Roasters have been supplying speciality grade coffee to the people and businesses of Glasgow. Ensuring the highest quality in sourcing and roasting their coffee, they work with a handful of selected direct traders and farms. With a passion for coffee, Dear Green Coffee Roasters not only roast coffee but train and involve the community in their coffee world.

Gordon Street Coffee

Gordon Street Coffee opened its doors back in 2014, becoming the first shop to roast its own coffee in Glasgow city centre. Using the traditional method of sight and sound, their customers can see the team at work producing perfect results time and time again.